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Bootcamp course


The EURA Centre of Excellence  is pleased to announce the 1st edition of its “Industry 4.0 Innovation Boot-camp”.  The Course will be held at the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 33, Pisa from November 28th 2019 to November 30th 2019 for a total of 24 hours.

The Course aims at:

- offering the most advanced insight on R&AI regulation, to practitioners, policy-makers, public officers, investors, entrepreneurs, business-people interested either in bringing R&AI products onto the market or in making use of R&AI solutions or industrial processes in their businesses, with a focus on Industry 4.0 themes;

- providing practical and immediately applicable knowledge, using a multidisciplinary perspective, and an interdisciplinary and functional-based methodology including: EU laws applicable to R&AI-enabled products interconnected with the human (e.g. assistive or implantable technologies); EU laws applicable to R&A solutions for flexible and efficient production; current Issues on EU law on R&A;

- providing participants with the methodological and analytical skills necessary to: (i) identify issues of specific relevance for operators who intend to use or distribute R&A applications in their activities, (ii) provide solutions advanced and practical and immediately applicable knowledge to the operators on these issues. 

The Course is designed for policy-makerspublic officers, entrepreneurs, investors, businessmen, lawyers, practitioners, consultants, engineers and other professionals interested either in bringing R&AI products onto the market or in making use of R&AI solutions or industrial processes in their businesses. An advanced knowledge of the English language is required (at least B2 from the CF).

The Course is structured into lectures and case-studies, according to the interdisciplinary approach which characterizes all EURA's activities, and will cover current issues on EU law on R&AI, current trends in AI and robotics, IP law, technology Trends, technology assessment, AI, data protection and data ethics, standards and product safety, human-machine Interfaces, product liability and risk management. 

The deadline for applications is November 15th, 2019. For applying click here.